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Rest Assured (Craftsmanship Meets Innovation)
Since our founding more than fifty years ago, we have dedicated ourselves to producing the world’s finest sleep products. It’s that simple.

While we believe in innovation and have certainly incorporated the latest sleep technologies into all of our products, we also believe that
the best products in the world are still the ones that are hand crafted. That’s why each of our mattresses is made by hand, using only the
finest materials. The result is a product of superior support, comfort and quality that delivers a better night’s sleep…every night.

Our dedication, talent and commitment to quality have grown a small, New Jersey mattress manufacturer to an international corporation
with a worldwide presence. Despite our success, we have never forgotten our roots, and the values that have led to that success. That’s
why, when you purchase a Therapedic product – whether mattress, mattress topper or pillow – you can rest assured that you’ll be
spending your nights on one of the world’s finest bedding products.

Through all its success, Therapedic has maintained its unwavering commitment to producing quality mattresses and sleep related
products. “Our heritage of making quality sleep products that represent a better value to the consumer is foremost in our minds when we
design new products for today’s marketplace,” says President/CEO Gerry Borreggine. “It’s that quality and value combination that makes
us who we are all over the world.”

It's more than a good night's sleep. It's your livelihood.
Whether it’s travel for business or for pleasure, nothing is more critical to a guest experience than a good night’s sleep. At Therapedic, we
have the flexibility to create mattresses that will meet both your customers’ needs and your budget.

As a group of independent bedding manufacturers with locations around the world, Therapedic has the flexibility and the capacity to
service the entire hospitality industry, from B&Bs to independent hotels and large chains. We also service government accounts, such as
the Army and Navy, plus, many colleges, universities, and schools throughout the world. With our vast experience and resources, we’re
well positioned to develop a mattress that delivers comfort and support for guests, along with reliability, quality and value for the hotelier.

Flexible Design
By mixing and matching different comfort materials with advanced support systems and durable foundations, we can craft a sleep system
that is as durable and maintenance-free as it is comfortable.

While appearance is less important in hospitality bedding than it is in a consumer retail setting, there’s more to fabric than appearance.
The right fabric can mean greater comfort and easier care. In commercial applications, synthetic fibers seem natural, but for reasons such
as noise, comfort and breath ability, they’re not always the best choice. Therapedic’s product designers can help you balance the needs
of your housekeeping staff with the desires of your guests.

Comfort Layers
The top layers of any mattress are critical to providing pressure relief and back support, as well as the prevention of “tossing and turning.”
At Therapedic, several types of polyurethane foam are used to achieve a comfortable top layer. For a more luxurious feel consider visco-
elastic "memory foam" or pressure relieving natural latex foam.

Support Systems
Support systems are directly beneath the comfort layers and provide critical support for the lower back. We offer several advanced
innerspring units, as well as specialty products such as independently adjustable air mattresses, motion dampening pocketed coil units
and luxurious latex foam support cores.

For our hospitality industry customers, we highly recommend that they invest in additional perimeter or edge support systems. Reinforced
perimeter supports of high-density foam or heavier gauge steel will limit mattress break down – the kind usually caused by guests sitting
on the edge of the mattress – and extend the effective comfort life of the mattress.

The foundation is what supports the mattress and acts as a shock absorber for the primary mattress. Therapedic offers both wood frame
and foam design foundations, as well as wood and steel box springs.

On July 1, 2007 the Federal Government mandated strict fire retardant standards for mattresses. This new fire code, 16 CFR Part 1633,
is the most stringent requirement for mattresses and supersedes all previous codes. All of our mattress products are guaranteed to meet
the new standard.
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